5 The Advantage of Wood Teak

5 The advantage of Wood Teak  – When buying a hardwood floor is many options of species at your disposal. To know what is the ideal wood for your project the tip is to observe the characteristics of the wood to see if it meets your needs, and also find out what advantages it offers over the other. Knowing the benefits of the kind that allows you to assess with greater certainty the wood best suited for their environment. And to help you understand a little more about wood, today we will talk about the benefits of teak wood, one of the toughest.


Reforested wood – wood teak is unique tree species in Southeast Asia, but it has plantations around the world, including Brazil. That is, one of its benefits is that it is a wood from reforestation that does not destroy the Brazilian forests.

Resistance – the teak wood it is a very tough material with a hardness greater than several species. This makes it resistant to attacks and has a time of higher life, for better support its use in various applications.

High moisture resistance – the Teak wood has the great characteristic of being highly resistant to moisture. This is because it is a rich wood in natural oils, ie waterproofed course, and so she is very used in the shipping sector and is seen as the best option for deck ships.

Various applications – the teak wood has the most varied applications in the market, and not only floors are manufactured with it. Teak can be used for the manufacture of doors, windows, beams, furniture, among others.

Resistance to pests – beyond the natural oils from the teak wood that protects it from moisture, it still has high resistance to pest attack, so its durability becomes even higher without worrying about termites and ants.

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