Access Control System: Preventing Unauthorized Persons

access controlA good access control system can eliminate the possibility of internal and external criminal acts aimed at regulating who can enter where and when they can enter.

Access control is a system that prevents or prevents unauthorized persons from entering into a room or facility and one way to reduce the chances of a crime.

Access control has several functions, namely: identification function, decision function, control function, and recording function.

In the identification function, various forms of identification from start of code number (PIN), use of Proximity Card (close non-contact system) to use of human body parts (biometrics), such as palm, fingerprint, retina, face, or veins. Surely every form of identification has different implications, such as readable PINs, long card borrowing, and long queues for biometric identification.
In the decision-making function, good planning is required regarding the arrangements for each person. All data that has been stored will provide a decision for the tool to give authority / permission to enter the room or not.
In the control function, upon receipt of a decision, the installed electronic lock will automatically open and close the door.
In the recorder function, data that has been read by the identification engine, the result of the decision, and the results of the control will be known who entered, when, and where. To better manage, it can be added software that is connected with the computer device so that it can be done automation process for performance management and payroll calculation, which impact with the savings, certainty, and acceleration in the process of data personnel.
Access control system is a solution that is oriented to cost effectiveness. The basic purpose of this system is to prevent and protect access points from unknown persons. Access control is the only technology that proactively maintains a building or area within a facility of an unknown person, and a proper complement to alarm and CCTV systems. All three can be integrated to provide an optimal security system.

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