Whether it’s facing a legal issue or being in need of a legal counsel for a company or family, the services of lawyers or lawyers is always the first and most common choice used by most people in the country. The choice is in addition to the right choice but also a legal choice and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Well, for agan cysts who are in need of services Pengacara Perceraian or advocates, it’s good agan cyst pay attention also tariff Pengacara Perceraian services that will agan sista use. Do not be agan sista feel embarrassed because the money that agan sista got was not enough or agan sista feel deceived because it turns out that the money sista give is not comparable with the services provided by the Pengacara Perceraian.

Pengacara Perceraian

For the tariff or the cost of the services of lawyers (lawyers) itself is very diverse, every lawyer is entitled to determine its own tariff. Because of this, sometimes there are lawyers who apply very expensive tariffs, ordinary and even cheap, depending on the attorney concerned and other supporting factors such as the city where the lawyer resides, the services provided, the lawyer’s flying hours and the financial condition of the cyst.

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Here I explain the factors that cause the high cost of advocate services or lawyers:

  • Name of Lawyer
    Who does not know the senior lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea, a well-known lawyer whose name has often been heard in various media, both social media, print and electronic media.Pengacara with famous names such as hotman paris, elza syarif, hotma sitompul, Juniver Girsang and others. others who are well-known lawyers will certainly apply different rates to other lawyers’ tariffs that are not as famous as they are.
  • Territory or city where the lawyer lives
    Do not be mistaken, the area or city of residence also greatly affects the amount of tariff or attorney’s fees. Perhaps agan sista had heard or comparing the fees given by lawyers in expensive city A, while the lawyer’s rate in town B is cheap, but both are taking care of the same case. This tariff difference is reasonable, because usually the lawyer also disrespect with the circumstances. It is easier to try to compare the rental price of the house in Jakarta with the rent in Tasikmlaya, although both houses have the same facilities, but the house price in Tasikmalaya would be cheaper compared to the price of the house in Jakarta.
  • Case Type
    The types of cases handled by lawyers are also factors that determine the high cost of advocate services (lawyers). This is reasonable considering the different cases, it will be different also handling or solution for the case tersebut.For example between the petition permit application under the age of marriage or the so-called marriage dispensation application with land dispute cases, of course matters dispensation mating petition will be lower rather than taking care of land disputes.
  • Client Condition
    Believe it or not, almost all lawyers determine the rate after knowing the financial condition of their prospective clients. Some lawyers even provide free legal assistance services for clients who really can not afford. This factor is closely related to the heart of a lawyer. Of course it would be unbelievable, if the client is not able to owe it to come here, just to pay for the services of lawyers because of tripping over legal issues.
    Although some lawyers provide services for free for clients who can not afford, but do not ever agan sista lie, claimed to be unable to even people who can afford. It could later agan sista instead charged with fraud. I’m horrified.
  • Lawyer Flying Clock
    Although not always influential, but usually the flying hours factor affects the amount of the cost of services advocate or lawyer. The new lawyer who was just yesterday afternoon may charge a lower rate than an experienced senior lawyer. This is normal, considering that the new lawyer is not well known to the quality of the new person, so the new lawyer is trying to promote it by pushing lower prices than senior lawyers.
    So are some factors that affect the size of the services advocate or lawyer. Currently, the cost of advocate services or lawyers in Ciamis, Banjar and Tasikmalaya is around 3-5 million rupiah for the management of light cases such as marriage dispensation, divorce, divorce divorce and other minor cases. For Bandung is in the range of 5-10 million and Jakarta range of 15 million and above.

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