How to draw well? Learn 7 professional techniques using pencil and paper!

If you’ve already read our article on learning to draw , you’re ready for the next step! Here we present 7 professional techniques of how to draw well using pencil and paper. Immerse yourself in the universe of incredible realistic drawings, which look more like photographs.

And what will you learn by reading until the end?

  • Technique of the guidelines
  • Shading Technique
  • Stain technique
  • Hair and hair styling
  • Technique for drawing the human face
  • Technique for wet effect
  • The technique to blur the drawing

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But now let’s fulfill our initial promise and detail each of the 7 professional techniques. Check out:

Guideline technique – Using a ruler, you will draw lines connecting points that you consider important in the figure to be drawn. Initially, do not worry about the measures to make the proportion, just identify the key points of the image and connect them in vertical and horizontal lines. Follow the example of the image: