How to prepare car for travel, do review before traveling

We are then preparing a trip by car. We have already decided whether we are going to travel alone or together, we have been preparing travel plans and we have discovered what documents to take. It’s time to know what care to take to prepare the car for the trip.

There are many people who have some fear of taking the car to great trips, especially if this already has many kilometers. In fact, driving long distances on the road is better for the automobile than driving on a day-to-day basis in large cities. Because the speed is more constant, this type of driving is less demanding for mechanical organs like the engine, the clutch, the gearbox, etc.

In any case, before embarking on a trip, it is absolutely essential that you make some checks so as not to risk standing in a distant country without knowing what to do and regretting not having prepared everything in advance. So it’s best to start early.


Two to four weeks before leaving

  • See, in the book of revisions, when it’s the next scheduled review. If you are only a few kilometers away, consider making it earlier, to travel more quietly. Also check how many kilometers you need to change important wear parts, such as the air filter or timing belt. Before my big trip ( Europe travel ) I replaced the latter, although there were still 10,000 kilometers to go.
  • If you still have a lot of time left for the next review, you can check the car at the brand’s garage (there are many that occasionally do it for free), in some large chain stores (such as Midas, which also does it for free). , for example, you are a member of the ACP or you have the Youth Card) or your reliable mechanic.
  • It is important that either of the two points mentioned above be treated with such 2 to 4 weeks in advance, so as to be able to confirm whether any repairs made and replaced parts allow the car to operate in the best conditions.
  • If you go to an area with a very hot or very cold climate make sure you have the correct mixture of water and antifreeze. If you think you need to replace the radiator, do so now.
  • Check the tires.
  • The legal minimum tread depth of the tires is 1.6 mm but it is always wise to do much more than that for safety reasons. At a speed reduction from 80 km / h to 0 a car equipped with 8 mm track tires has a braking distance of 43 meters. The same car with tires with a track of less than 1.6 mm can get to take 73 meters to stop completely. Now imagine if it is faster or wet and slippery … Also, see if the tire wear is uniform. If you are spending more than one side than another, you should have them calibrated and / or aligned. It is not worth risking because, do not forget, it will do many kilometers that will wear out your tires too. If you can investigate and do as I do when traveling by car to Andorra(on departure for the trip through Europe) I took the opportunity to spend in Spain and buy a cheaper set of tires.
  • The tire pressure is also very important because, if insufficient, the car will consume more fuel (see fuel prices ) and security may be compromised. See the instruction manual (or in some cases on the door or inside the fuel tank cap) what is the recommended pressure for your car for the weight you intend to take. Preferably, check the pressure at a tire shop and not at a service station because the tire’s equipment is often unbalanced. Always do this with your tires cool.
  • The above recommendations also apply to the spare tire. See if you are fit and have the right pressure. Make sure you have the keys, the jack and (if applicable) the safety nut adapter.
  • Make sure you have the car manual in the glove compartment or the pockets behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats. If the manual has disappeared it is a good idea to consider asking for a new one or to print the .pdf version that some manufacturers make available on their websites.
  • Check the validity dates of the car documents : Single Car Document (DUA) or booklet and registration of property. It is essential that you have the insurance up to date and that it covers the countries where you plan to travel. To know this is enough to see the back of the green card. If you are planning to enter an uncovered country, simply pay your insurance company an extension of coverage for the days in question. In principle, you can also make temporary insurance on the border of that country. That’s what I did the two times I’ve been to Morocco. Preferably, make copies of all documentation in case your car is stolen and place them in a location other than the originals (these should be in your wallet rather than in the car itself). Read more about this in my post on documents necessary to travel.

Practical tips for organizing a trip on your own

In my opinion, one of the things that are worth the most to organize on your own is vacations. One of the main reasons, of course, is the possibility to save money, always looking for the best deals and adapting our itinerary and dates accordingly. But the biggest reward may be during the planning of the trip. Doing research, reading, talking to people who have already been there, we find out so many details that we would never know if we did not get our hands on the masses. Not to mention that the waiting for the trip and all the expectations that we create end up being part of the experience and, in the end, is one of the most pleasant moments of the trip.

But, we know that planning a trip from the start can seem like a lot of work. So we’ve put together some practical tips for you to organize your first trip on your own. At the end of this article, you will also find a selection of easy and very useful tools that will help in your first outing there.


Main benefits of organizing travel on your own

When you organize your own trip, you always give priority to what you like to do in places. This is the way it is with me and with all the people I know who spend their time planning their vacations. This, of course, makes the trip much more personalized. You know that story about running the whole city on a bus or following a swarm of people? That will not happen if you do not want to. By arranging your own trip, everything will be according to what you are up to doing, even if you want to do something last minute. You choose what you want to visit, where and when you want to eat, and also decide if you want to stay longer in a place that you have enjoyed very much, even if you want to get away from some overrated attraction. The choices are yours!

Another advantage is undoubtedly the possibility of saving. By keeping an eye on cheap flights, comparing hotel prices and researching activities to do for free, your trip can be much more in the end.


How to choose the destination of the trip?

We usually get to know places by photos and, from there, pre-select what you want to visit on vacation. After this step, there are three important points in choosing where to go. The first one is to know a little more about the infrastructure offered in the destinations. Means of transport, roads, accommodation offers, restaurants, a structure in the tourist spots, the best time to go, all these aspects are very relevant when choosing a destination. The most popular and larger places usually have a greater variety of services.

Another important issue is the search for transport to reach the desired place. To save money, you can use, for example, price alerts for the airlines’ own websites and keep an eye on promotion dates.

Finally, there is an item that hardly anyone thinks very carefully, but that should be on your list. If you usually get a headache over what you are going to eat during your vacation, you may have to pay special attention to the selection of the lodging . Especially in places where the supply of restaurants is more scarce, it may be that you choose to eat more often in the restaurant of the chosen accommodation and a good menu will make all the difference. Before booking, always try to get more information about the food served on the premises. Some hotel restaurants are inclusive of good typical local food reference. In Brazil, we have a selection of hotels to eat very well and healthy vacations.


How To Buy Quality Travel Bags

How To Buy Quality Travel BagsThere are those that are extremely aware about what to bring when they intend to travel. Sometime it’s advice that to have the ability to meet what you actually need is essential to prevent inconvenience is to truly prepare all of the things you will need to bring along with you. Among the things which you ought to think about is have a travel bag that is really going to make your journey more purposeful. There are a whole lot of alternatives if you’re searching for something which could definitely provide you the very best without worrying about it as you’re traveling.

Folks may also check a few of the sites in the net where to get these shops too.

The benefit in it’s individuals have complete thoughts on the various bag bags that they may choose vibrant designs with higher quality materials; they’re also able to use their embroidered initials which is really going to look it pricey. You do not wish to squander money to items that do not actually last. The relaxation that this travelling bag will provide you is also significant. Makes certain that the items you packaged inside it are secure as well as the area for all you will need to bring must match.

Not many travelers may choose what they desire; there are a few who can’t afford to purchase their own since they’re costly. They simply try to take over a couple of bags since they do not possess one travel bag which will fit their items. Even though there are brands that are more affordable you aren’t certain if these items will provide you comfort.

The layouts of those pricey travelling bags has also some attributes which are really valuable to the person using it, the security lock is among these to be certain that even you just leave your things unattended it’s always secure. This attribute may not provide you a 100% security, but it is going to definitely caught attentions that are attempting to open it.

Do not forget that if you already purchased these expensive things and also makes you shell out money, always work to appreciate it and keep it in a secure location. The support it will provide you is much more important than the sum of money you invested when you purchased it.