How to Make Recycled Paper in 5 Simple Steps

The recycled paper can be the raw material for the creation of various objects and has the advantage that it can be done at home, with those papers that you no longer use. Read the article we have prepared and learn all about it, including how to make your own craft paper.

Every day we use kilos and more kilos of paper for the production of various materials such as magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, mailings and more. After being used, these forms end up of no use, and most of the time they are discarded in the common trash, nor they arrive at the selective collection.

An alternative to dribbling this problem is to use these forms for the production of handmade paper, it is a simple craftsmanship to do and the result is incredible. In the recycling process, you can mix all kinds of paper, from bread bag to magazines and old newspapers.


Types of Recyclable Papers

In addition to reducing the amount of waste that would be thrown in the trash, paper recycling can mean saving to your pocket, you know? But be careful, do not quit recycling everything. If you have books and handouts in good condition, prefer to donate to those who need it. The idea is to go to recycling only those materials without utility.

In the production of handmade paper, you can reuse paper sulfite, cardboard, brown paper, product packaging boxes, gift paper, notebook sheets, magazine pages, pamphlets, cardstock, among others.


Features and Uses of Recycled Paper

The recycled paper is known for its rustic look, ideal for making invitations for weddings, product packaging, and also for use in manual work. Other characteristics are resistance, color diversity and the presence of pigment dots.

Here are three projects you can do with this material: notepads, gift boxes and invitations for special dates. To see the full-size photos just click on them.


How to Make Recycled Paper in 5 Steps

Start Paper Handicrafts How to Make Recycled Paper in 5 Simple Steps


Necessary materials

Assorted papersWaterContainerBlenderThin screen or sieve

Step by step

Step 1 – Cut the chosen papers into small pieces and place everything in a container with water. Leave it for 24 hours.

Step 2 – Beat the wet paper in a blender or dissolve everything with your hands. The intention is for this mixture to turn into a mass.

Step 3 – Spread a thin layer of this dough into a net or thin screen.

Step 4 – Put a weight on the net to press the dough.

Step 5 – After 24 hours, remove the weight and let the paper dry in the dry or in the sun.


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