Mercedes Teases New Models

The one is that the AMG Project One hypercar the German car giant has been forthcoming around for a while now. The company has given us quite a lot of detail about the 1,000 horsepower hybrid power train and the 2 17 mph top speed already, however was revealed concerning your body will look, until now that is.

A teaser image released by Mercedes indicates the three-pointed superstar does not always have the exact status in the middle of the grille because we see with just about every production Mercedes. In cases like this, it is apparently lying flat against the bodywork and off out of the grille. The image suggests there’s not going to become an effort to try and squeeze the AMG GT’s fascia onto this very special car either. The headlights are very narrow, with all the more bulbous designs we view on routine Mercedes models at the moment. From what can be made out, the shape looks pretty similar to the GT1-class race cars like those who have been based on famous brands the McLaren F1 and also Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR.

But the different car Mercedes has just teased may be a good deal more significant compared to AMG Project One, if not quite as exciting. And that’s as it is the Concept EQ A, which is an version that appears to be a hatchback that would possibly be a preview of an upcoming production version. We’ve already seen the crossover-esque Generation EQ Concept in Paris last year, and so the Concept EQ A looks for a smaller version that will sit in the next “EQ” range below some thing close to the Generation EQ.

It’s likely we’ll see a few concepts such as these earlier we receive the articles, once we don’t anticipate some of those production variants of these concepts to be available before sometime around 2020.

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