Practical tips for organizing a trip on your own

In my opinion, one of the things that are worth the most to organize on your own is vacations. One of the main reasons, of course, is the possibility to save money, always looking for the best deals and adapting our itinerary and dates accordingly. But the biggest reward may be during the planning of the trip. Doing research, reading, talking to people who have already been there, we find out so many details that we would never know if we did not get our hands on the masses. Not to mention that the waiting for the trip and all the expectations that we create end up being part of the experience and, in the end, is one of the most pleasant moments of the trip.

But, we know that planning a trip from the start can seem like a lot of work. So we’ve put together some practical tips for you to organize your first trip on your own. At the end of this article, you will also find a selection of easy and very useful tools that will help in your first outing there.


Main benefits of organizing travel on your own

When you organize your own trip, you always give priority to what you like to do in places. This is the way it is with me and with all the people I know who spend their time planning their vacations. This, of course, makes the trip much more personalized. You know that story about running the whole city on a bus or following a swarm of people? That will not happen if you do not want to. By arranging your own trip, everything will be according to what you are up to doing, even if you want to do something last minute. You choose what you want to visit, where and when you want to eat, and also decide if you want to stay longer in a place that you have enjoyed very much, even if you want to get away from some overrated attraction. The choices are yours!

Another advantage is undoubtedly the possibility of saving. By keeping an eye on cheap flights, comparing hotel prices and researching activities to do for free, your trip can be much more in the end.


How to choose the destination of the trip?

We usually get to know places by photos and, from there, pre-select what you want to visit on vacation. After this step, there are three important points in choosing where to go. The first one is to know a little more about the infrastructure offered in the destinations. Means of transport, roads, accommodation offers, restaurants, a structure in the tourist spots, the best time to go, all these aspects are very relevant when choosing a destination. The most popular and larger places usually have a greater variety of services.

Another important issue is the search for transport to reach the desired place. To save money, you can use, for example, price alerts for the airlines’ own websites and keep an eye on promotion dates.

Finally, there is an item that hardly anyone thinks very carefully, but that should be on your list. If you usually get a headache over what you are going to eat during your vacation, you may have to pay special attention to the selection of the lodging . Especially in places where the supply of restaurants is more scarce, it may be that you choose to eat more often in the restaurant of the chosen accommodation and a good menu will make all the difference. Before booking, always try to get more information about the food served on the premises. Some hotel restaurants are inclusive of good typical local food reference. In Brazil, we have a selection of hotels to eat very well and healthy vacations.


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