The Silicone Life: How Much Does a Silicone Baby Cost?

How Much Does a Silicone Baby Cost

Wondering about how much does a silicone baby cost? When we are talking about silicone babies, we are not talking about REAL babies made of silicone (that part is a fantastic imagination, in my opinion), we are talking about FAKE babies made of silicone. So, no there is no living baby that is made from silicone. If that is the thing you are looking for, then you should not look in here because this article here is not talking about them.

What this article is talking about is dolls made of silicone and their prices. Now before we go in to the depth of the pricing, let me ask you people this question: why do we even need silicone babies? I mean, we can just go make one or adopt one, right? Yes you have been correct in that department, but there are those who wanted to ‘have’ a fake one before they try with the real thing. You see, if your baby was made of silicone, then there is no problem if you happened to do something ‘wrong’ with it. If you somehow dropped the silicone baby, then you do not have to be guilty and you do not have to pay for treatments. They want to try their hands on the fake one first before delving into the real ones.

Without further ado, let us start with the main content of this article: the pricing itself.

The cheapest

Let us start with the cheapest in the department. When many silicone babies range from 50 to 80 US dollars per items, you can also find those that will only cost you 15 dollars. With 15 dollars, you can get a silicone baby that kind of looks like a real baby. ‘Kind of’ being the major point here, because the doll itself is not very lifelike. Sure, it looks dead, but it looks like a baby too, so with the downfall there is always something good to see.

The most expensive

I found that the most expensive silicone baby will cost you a large sum of 250 dollars. By paying 250 dollars, you will get a baby that resembles a real baby, but it is a bit ‘livelier’ than the 15 dollars one. If you want to get your hands on a silicone baby that looks real enough to pass as an ordinary baby AND you have too much money to spend, then by all means get this one.

That is all about how much does a silicone baby cost, hope I can help you in your search for that baby-longing in your life. If you want more information about prices and reviews full body silicone baby girl, please read this article

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