What Things Can Causes of Cervicalgia

What Things Can Causes of Cervicalgia


The most obvious cause of cervicalgia is injury. If you are already in a situation where you may have been injured, as in a car accident, it is very important that you see the doctor immediately. Examination can get rid of, a more serious condition other than cervicalgia. Whiplash or neck strain: microscopic tears on your neck muscles, from sports injuries or accidents, can cause muscles to tighten and swell. These tears often heal themselves, but they can get worse if you do not let them rest. Some tears occur in the trapezius muscles (including the back of the neck, shoulders and chest) or levator muscles of the scapula (covering the back and sides of your neck).

Stress is a very common cause of neck pain. Many people hold their stress in the neck and shoulders, unconsciously clenching the muscles whenever they find themselves in a stressful situation. Over time, this leads to fatigue, overworked muscles. How and how long you sit in a chair on your desk can also cause cervicalgia. Without proper ergonomic setup, you can easily develop neck and back pain.

This condition, also known as cervical posture syndrome, affects athletes such as cyclists, baseball catchers, and bodybuilders. Usually, kyphosis sufferers stand with their shoulders round forward and their chin stabs forward. Their blades poke out away from their thorns. Kyphosis is caused either by repetitive movements that promote this posture, as in the case of cyclists and catchers, or with uneven bodybuilding regimens that make the chest muscles stronger than the back muscles, pulling the body forward.

Tense muscles in the neck and upper back prohibit blood circulation as needed. Lack of blood “hunger” your muscles nutrition, making them weaken and tighten further. This condition can be caused by kyphosis, poor ergonomics in the workplace, scoliosis, and bad posture. Poor or incomplete stretching after a training session can also be a factor. Once your muscles have loosened from work, you should stretch them properly to cool them or they will tighten up.