Meaning CPU – What it is, Concept and Definition

Meaning CPU – What it is, Concept and Definition – It is the most important element in electronic equipment. It is responsible for processing all types of data and for presenting the result of processing.

Initially, the CPU was composed of several separate components, but it evolved into a single integrated circuit that was named microprocessor.

The microprocessor is a programmable data input and output device, which processes the input digital data and, by associating the instructions stored in its memory, outputs the resulting processing data.

A CPU consists of the following components:

Logical and Arithmetic Unit (ULA): performs arithmetic and logic operations
Control unit (UC): extracts instructions from memory and decodes and executes them, requesting the ALU when necessary
Registers and Memory cache: stores data for processing
The speed of information processing on a computer is directly related to processor speed. The faster the processor, the faster the processing speed.

Intel and AMD are the world’s leading manufacturers of processors.