Uniqueness and Twitter Progress

twitter progressNext, there is one application that once become the next social media that is quite interested by the audience or the world community in using it, ie Twitter. Twitter is a microblog-based social media which offers you to tweet and is only able to accommodate all of your thoughts inside with up to 140 characters. However, it is not a taboo for some people to hesitate to use this popular application of the world is in great demand by certain parties, both actors, actresses to state officials though and it’s part of Twitter Progress.

Twitter is an application that has been established since March 21, 2006 in San Francisco, United States. Where this application was first introduced by someone who at once became the owner, namely Jack Dorsey. As is well known, there are some things related to Twitter Progress why this application is still in great demand by some circles of certain communities in the world, whose existence is widely used for various purposes, such as business, advertising and various needs and activities of all other users.

Currently, a lot of Twitter on Twitter which makes one of these applications to experience Twitter Progress over time. One of the pieces of lips or issues that are being warmly discussed by all users is with the existence of the number of character limits used at this time amounted to 280, or 2 times the number of initial words from Twitter chirp that only amounted to 140 words only. Then, every day Twitter always analyze the form of data by providing the feature of “Top 100 Most Followed Twitter Users” to the world level and each country users. To date, more than 500 million people have proven the uniqueness and convenience of using this application by certain parties and it gives the best information from all thing for all users.

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