How to use Pinterest in your Business

Pinterest, This social network is perfect for those who have very visual products or those who want to share graphical content.

The social networks have become a tool for communication and promotion of SMEs. However, to make the most need to know what are the characteristics of each case and that are useful to us. Today we will talk about Pinterest.

It is a platform that allows users to share images through boards can organize by subject. It is a completely visual network can also share with the public.


Unlike Instagram, where users also interact through photography and its filters, Pinterest lets you organize your images by interests, interact and share them with others.

Although three-quarters about parts of Pinterest users are women, it is not an exclusive network for them. Ages ranging mostly between 18 and 45 years. A day has 12 million visits and over 70 million users.

This tool also allows you to create business accounts and can link to other networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

What companies are recommended?

Being very visual, businesses will be favored with their use are those engaged in the design, catering, fashion, crafts, illustration, photography, beauty, food, advertising however is not limited only to, for example if you spend on home sales can be an excellent platform to showcase the products and the areas where they are located. That is if your business is not visually appealing (as a dental service) not choose as a social network for your business.

Some tips for more followers are:

  • Create a profile that attracts attention through a profile picture that identifies your business and a brief description but presents your brand.
  • Organize your boards by topic. For example, if you have a restaurant you can have a section for salads, desserts, grilled, healthy food, this will allow your users to search, browse and share in an easier way. Titles should not exceed 20 characters from appearing cut.
  • Occupies a good image to describe the content of the board to its main entrance.
  • Locates the most important boards on top.
  • Use a watermark with your logo, trade name or image web for wider dissemination. Be wary of noninvasive and allow the central image display.
  • Images must be of high quality and resolution (600 pixels wide), preferably vertical format. Although it is possible to share and take pins of different boards, we recommend that you post original content is completely yours and not confuse your audience.
  • Keeps track of the most popular content and shared in your social network to see which of your images cause greater impact and preference the publication of such content.
  • Add detailed product information so your users know more about what they are seeing.

Interacts with other boards, for it repinned content from other boards that are relevant to your sector. Says not only give me love. Source:

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